Margaret Rose Jackson


Margaret is a Registered Homeopath bringing to the practice three decades of experience in the health field with Masters Degrees in both Social Work MSW and Law LLM from York University; her experience includes CEO of a Children’s Mental Health agency and creator/owner of a treatment fostering agency helping children and families. 

Margaret knows firsthand that homeopathy is extremely effective, providing long term relief from many conditions and illness both acute and chronic without harmful side effects or toxicity and looks forward to sharing her expertise and skills with you on your journey to health.

Catherine Elliott


Catherine brings to the practice training in both biochemistry (B.Sc. Hon. magna cum laude) and epidemiology (M.Sc.) which has been previously been employed in basic and clinical  research in endocrinology, genetics and cancer. Through a growing appreciation of the miracle of life and the body’s ability to heal, she is excited about the opportunity to work with you, through Homeopathy, along your path to better health.


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